Monday, 25 April 2016

Cujira beat show feast day st.cruz SCN

SCN rocked the stage of Cujira for the feast evening show which also feautured a konkanni musical show by Director Anicet with dancing team of  young talents Cyder, and Singers like famous Sonia, Olga, Anil, Andrew, Andrea amongst others. The band was led by Yuva Yutsava Puraskar awardee Mr. Norman Cardoso on keys, Leadint the Brass+reed ensemble was maestro Tio Alvares, Trombone Sammy Braganza, Tenor Sax Anthony Azavedo, Bass-Cannon, Drums -John and they played a tight set of about 20 songs.
Mentor of SCN -Etherman Rockstarmono was invited to present a memento and shawl each to Ms, Sonia and Mr.Norman to felicitate them for the laurels they have brought to the konkanni language and their achievements.
Macidon and his father Filipe sang as guest artists with SCN. Joaquim played drums fro most of the songs. Jonu played drums for Boneyrocks songs.
Amorin was guest musician on midi-guitar. we had a considerable audience and the surprise act was Fr.Alexander jamming on a song May the good lord..with SCN in the end.
Sound was well handled by Macidon
and his brother took care of the lights.
Cameraman was Axl Lazarus who also tried to play the Theremini

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